Building musical instruments is a unique handcraft and wood is a fascinating natural material. To form and coax sounds from it does not only require skills and expertise but it is also an “appeal”. As we say in German, this appeal was put into my cradle. In my father`s wood workshop I became an instrument builder and did my master`s examination.

Founded in 1956 in Kitzbühel

My father Benedikt founded the Mürnseer company in 1956 in Kitzbühel, Austria. Based on his experience and the knowledge acquired through decades, we continue his work. We are supported by a team of experienced specialists. Mürnseer ist nestled in a region which boasts of a long and continuous tradition of harp, zither and hammered dulcimer playing and building. The high quality of Mürnseer products calls for high demand worldwide.

Production of harp, hammered dulcimer and zither

The name Mürnseer is not only inseparable from the production of harps, but also stands for the highest quality in zithers and hammered dulcimers. We work closely with musicians to perfect our instruments and to ensure complete harmony. Whether harp, hammered dulcimer or zither- Mürnseer instruments guarantee exceptional sound quality.

We are happy to comply with your individual wishes to make your instrument as unique as you are.ind gut



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