From March 11, 2019 Mürnseer will be located in Kirchdorf in Tirol

Since 1971 Mürnseer has been the musical heart of Kitzbühel. The instrument maker is the largest manufacturer of stringed instruments in Austria. From March 2011, 2019 Mürnseer will be located in Kirchdorf in Tirol.

‘We are looking forward to the move with a lauging and a crying eye’, explains Peter Mürnseer, company owner and instrument maker. ‘The memory of 50 years in Kitzbühel remains. However, the new headquarter allows us to work more efficiently due to its size. I look forward to this new chapter in the history of our family business. We are happy to welcome our guests in the brand new showroom from March 11, 2019.’

The Mürnseer company was founded by Benedikt Mürnseer in 1956. ‘With the move to Kirchdorf we go back to our roots. Mürnseer was already based in Kirchdorf in the founding years.’

Our new address (from March 11, 2019): 

Firma Peter Mürnseer
Salzburgerstraße 21a
6382 Kirchdorf in Tirol
Phone: 0043 5352 64008

The new company headquarter is located directly on the main road in easy accessibility from Salzburg and Munich.

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